We need experiment to tell us whether there actually is a Higgs particle, or perhaps several Higgs particles, and to supply us with their masses(dft197). In July 2012 CERN announced the discovery of the Higgs boson or something similar. [1] The Higgs particle or Higgs boson allows us to break the symmetry of the Yang-Mills field(be76) . Finding the Higgs boson may answer why the electron’s mass is different from the proton’s(EU48). The L H C will be able to produce the Higgs particle only if it has the lowest mass that the theorists expect(EU49). Questions about mass come down to the properties of the Higgs boson(EU49) The function of the Higg's particle is to give mass to massless particles and thereby disguising the true symmetry of the world(gp367)

The Higgs is a spin-zero boson. Spin implies directionality in space, but the Higgs field gives mass to objects at every location and with no directionality. Higgs is sometimes called a "scalar [no direction] boson" for that reason(gp370)

As temperature/energy drops below 10to the 15 degrees Kelvin or 100 GeV, the Higgs acts up and does its mass-generating thing. So, for example, before Higgs we have massless Ws, Zs, and photons and a unified electroweak force. The universe expands and cools and along comes the Higgs - making the W and Z fat, for some reason ignoring the photon - and this results in breaking the electroweak symmetry(gp372)

One camp of theorists is intrigued by the huge mass of the top quark and believes that Higgs is a bound state of top and antitop(gp375)

The standard model is strong enough to tell us that the Higgs particle with the lowest mass (there may be many) must "weigh" less than 1 TeV. Why? If it is more than 1 TeV, the standard model becomes inconsistent, and we have the unitarity crisis(gp376)

The Omega Point theory says the Higgs will discovered by the LHC at CERN.(pi147)

The vector bosons each 'eat' one of the Higgs particles. And when this happens the vector bosons gain both mass and a spin corresponding to the spin carried by the Higgs bosons(sss124)


  1. Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC