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OpenScience is a community effort by students to bring conceptual explanation and detailed information about various topics in the various fields of science. Students will share their knowledge, research, and ideas about scientific discoveries and the workings of nature as we know it. This wiki will have sections for broader science areas like biology, chemistry, and physics, which will be stubdivided by concept/topic groups. The goal of this wiki is not only to be a repository of scientific knowledge, but also to provide explanations and even lessons such that students can learn about interesting topics outside of the classroom in a way that is coherent and understandable.





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Diagram of Stomata

Stoma (singular), usually called as Stomata (plural), is an opening found the leaf epidermis and stem epidermis used for gaseous exchange in plants . In Dicotyledons , more stomata is present in the lower epidermis of leaves than in the upper epidermis. On the other hand, Monocotyledons have same number of stomata on their upper epidermis as well as in the lower epidermis.

Air containing Carbon dioxide and Oxygen enters the plant through these openings...Read More>>>

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Opiorphin Structural Formula

Human Saliva contains a chemical compound, Opiorphin, which is six times more powerful than the painkiller Morphine.

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