Definition: Matter is defined as a physical object which occupies certain amount of space and has some rest mass other than the energy mass.

Matter types

Matter goes by 3 states:

  • Solid: can be distinguished by their fixed shape and volume. Example- Ice, Wood, Steel, etc. Solids cannot be compressed and do not flow.
  • Liquid: have fixed volume but no shape. They cannot be compressed and take the shape of container in which they are put. Liquids flow from higher level to lower level.
  • Gas: have no fixed shape and volume. They can be compressed and take the shape of the container in which they are put. They flow in all the directions.

Most of the characteristics properties that distinguish solids, liquids and gases are on the basis of the temperature. The temperature is the function of the average kinetic energy of a particular body.

Average kinetic energy of the molecules of the matter in increasing order: solids<liquids<gases

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