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The Milky Way Times keeps you informed of the activities going on in , particularly if you are absent for a period of time, or if you are unable to visit daily. Itis issued monthly on the 2nd day. Sometimes an Issue might be released rather soon or in between the month. These type of Issues are actually called 'Meddlesome Issues'.

Editor Drakenkaul
Contributors Drakenkaul
Graphics Drakenkaul


The aim of this newsletter is to:

  • Inform users of ongoing discussions, and articles needing improvement.
  • Provide users with a quick summary of happenings in the past fortnight, e.g. user rights changes, major community decisions, discussion results.
  • Keep users updated with the latest community activities, etc.
  • The Milky Way Times also keeps the user informed about the latest inventions, achievements and discoveries of the Scientific Community with it's Daily Update Issues.

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