Okay so I haven't watched this movie yet but already read its plot and trailer on the internet. The movie is awesome no doubt but the plot only tells me how impossible it is for us to leave the planet the planet in future(when we haven't yet evolved). I mean that our logic and rationality always stops us from thinking beyond the boundaries(the good point about intuitions). I don't think this species will die on any other planet. If we have to die, we will die here only. I can never imagine humans going to a different planet. It will not happen until we have evolved into some hominid species and that will take about 8000 or 10000 years to happen. Now you ask me why so less time when Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals took a very long time to evolve? Well according to latest studies, the rate of evolution is fast in us than our other Brother species. And it will keep on increasing in the future. Vut I finally do admit that One day we would have to have to travel to another planet for survival if we do survive till then and also if we have suffiecient advancement in technology. The views are personal

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