Hi people this is draken. I am back again with the 'When we divide by a #' series blog. Now I had created a blog about dividing numbers by seven and it still is in beta mode. The thing is I won't be editing it anymore until someone comes and helps me in the pattern the thing was that was very tough working with the division of a numebr by 7. Real tough man! So I ceased research on it but now I am back with a very simple one. The pattern is very easy and simple to understand and remember in this one. Let me show you.

When we divide by 3

\frac{0}{3} = 0

\frac{1}{3} = 0.\overline{3}

\frac{2}{3} = 0.\overline{6}

\frac{3}{3} = 1.0

\frac{4}{3} = 1.\overline{3}

\frac{5}{3} = 1.\overline{6}

\frac{6}{3} = 2.0 and so on!

And it's obviously very easy, innit?

More in the series

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