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I have decided to write a blog about me so you guys can get to know me better. I started kindergarten when I was 4 years old (early, right?) and I have been wanting to learn ever since. In 6th grade I got the "Best Technology Student Award" for being a so called "tech-geek" and for helping students with laptop problems. I love technology and how it works and I also love how technology ties in with Science and Math. I am currently in 7th grade right now and I currently take Spanish, General Music, STEM, Social Studies, Math, Science LA, Drama, etc.

I volunteer at the school library, and so I check out books for students and check books into the library. I also put books away and make new covers for the books that need them. As I said above, I am a "tech-geek" and I am the libraries "Tech Staff Student" meaning if their is any problems with the school libraries computer, you cintact me and I fix them. I have had many pets in the past and I currently have 4 dogs (crazy, I know). My parents are divorced and  have to go between two houses :-(. 

I like to play games alot especially FNAF (Five Nights at Freddys) and FNAF 2 (Five Nights at Freddys 2). I cannot wait until the 3rd one comes out but I have heard that it probably wont come out until 2016 or 2017. I am a gamer (Not a good one though depending on some categories) and I am not the "popular one" in school, which is fine because I dont need alot of friends. 

Thanks for taking your time reading this blog! :-D

Happy Holidays to all!

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