A college student Joe Landolina  creates a gel like mixture for armies and the navy to use when injured. The mixture is "Smart Bio Material" according to Joe Landolina, that works with the body meaning it is not for one type of cell tissue called Extracellular Matrix (aka ECM) which contains cells. This gel is a miracle because not all gels that stop bleeding instantly will form around that individuals Extracellular Matrix. Joe Landolina says he hopes to get this gel out to the public in a year. 

"Imagine you are a soldier at the battle field. Now, you get hit with a bullet and you a bleeding badly. This wound will only take 3 minutes to kill you but by the time the medics arrive you will already be dead. Now imagine you have this gel that can heal the wound and work with the body. That is what I created today." - Joe Landolina

TED video: TED Talk with Joe Landolina

Youtube Video: TED Talk - Joe Landolina

This is really an amazing creation. This is super handy to the navy and armies, and especially citizens! Imagine how many lives this gel can save.

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