Daily Science Blog #1

Scientists and Doctors have proven that frozen feces in pill form from a healthy individual can treat/cure a potential killer disease. I know, it sounds gross! Ilan Youngster, a physician, did a new study. He took healthy gut bacteria from donated stool/feces. Then, they froze the microbes into capsules. “This greatly prolongs the shelf life of the microbes” says Science News. Ilan’s research team gave capsules of the frozen stool/feces to 20 patients that had C. diff infections. 14 out of 20 patients had their infections cleared by taking two day regimens with this new capsule. Thats incredible!

And gross! The four people that weren’t cured, were cured after the second round of capsules. The researchers reported that the study had a success rate of 90%. Who knew frozen feces would help humans?

Power Words

Feces = Poop; Dung 

'C. diff (C'lostridium Difficile) = A disease which fights off Anti-biotics and harms the intestines of the human body

Symptoms of C. Difficile

C. Difficile causes fever and gut pain(s) along with severe watery diaherra. C. Difficile is known to have killed about 14,000 people each year.

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