Different magnets are used for different purposes. You can get a wide range of verity of magnet in an open market. They differ in shapes and sizes. According to their shapes and sized they are applied in different segments. Though magnets came in many forms, but a Neodymium Block Magnet is always in rectangular shape. Usually they are found in black or dark gray color. Block magnets are composed of alnico, which is however a blend of material like aluminum and nickel and cobalt.

The main feature of Neodymium Block Magnet is that it has both the north and South Pole on both the opposite trimmings end of the Block. Block magnets are used in many science teaching experiments. They are safe to handle. They are widely used for all purposes as it is inexpensive in nature. It can able to retain their magnetic field for years long. Further as the north and south poles are identified earlier, so you can easily predict that which side of the Neodymium Magnet will attract and which ones repel.

The most basic feature of Neodymium Magnet is that the opposite pole attract and alike always push back with all its magnetic force. To experiment the fact you can demonstrate the magnetism law by putting together two Block magnets, placing them together with the opposite poles to see how they are attracting each other with the magnetic field. And at the same time a facing of similarly charged poles push them away.

It is useful for School children for practicing various science project and experiments. They can use Block magnets to learn more about the magnetic properties and the materials which are attracted by it. Neodymium Block Magnets are generally used as it is inexpensive, safe, and convenient in shape and size and of course easy to use.

Yes, it is true that Block magnets can magnetize other conducting objects, like pin, nail or paperclips. If you rub or stroke a Block magnet through a pin for numerous times in a single direction soon the object become a magnet. Neodymium Magnets are also helpful for other magnets to retain their magnetic field.

Neodymium Block Magnet is strong permanent magnet, which can retain the magnetic field for ages without any outside power source. Often it has been noticed that Block magnets are typically made of iron or steel, while they can be made through any other permanently magnetized substance. But iron is the low cost material and so it is a wise and easy alternative.

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